Along for the Ride

Rachel's vehicle (aka The Woof Pack Wheels!) is kitted out primarily with dogs in mind.

The van is air-conditioned and fitted with four secure crates, and is equipped with water, bowls, comfortable bedding and a dog ramp to aid less-able pets to get in and out safely as well as all the usual dog-walking supplies like poo bags, balls and towels!

The van has dark-tinted windows both for privacy and to help keep the temperature down.

All of our vehicles carry crates but we also have seatbelt clips available; for safety and security we much prefer to transport dogs in crates as they allow us to keep full control during collection and drop-offs and at potential stress-points such as the beginning of a walk as well as keeping dogs in their own separate space in transit.

We want dogs to feel content while being transported and to look forward to jumping on board

when it's time for their walk.

Sometimes feeling ok in a new vehicle can take a little practise, especially for nervous dogs; we are happy to spend time allowing your dog to familiarise themselves with our vehicle, making a positive association by being rewarded with tasty treats for jumping in and spending time there. It's not usually long before the vehicle becomes just another part of their walk routine, to be looked forward to!

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