The Woof Pack carries the following certification:

  • Insurance cover

  • Clear DBS (criminal records) check

  • Canine First Aid

  • Feline First Aid

  • NARPS certificate in Animal Law & Regulations

We keep our knowledge current and attend training courses, lectures, seminars and webinars about animal behaviour and training regularly to refresh our knowledge and learn new skills.

A list of continuous professional development (CPD) is below:

  • A Nose for Disease - Dogs at the forefront of early detection and diagnosis (Medical Detection Dogs, 2019)

  • Understanding Our Companion Animals: Ethology, Welfare & Training (Natalie Light Dog Training & Behaviour, 2019)

  • 30 Days of Canine Science (The School of Canine Science, 2020)

  • Scent Work: The Brain, Attention and Emotional Well-being (K9 Nosework (NACSW), 2020)

  • Animal Behaviour Counselling from Principles to Practice (APBC, 2020)

  • Career as a Dog Trainer (IMDT, 2021)

  • Identifying Traumatised Dogs & How to Support Them (TCBTS (Debbie Busby & Amber Batson), 2021)

  • Biome, Brain & Behaviour: The gut microbiome-behaviour relationship (Dr. Kathy Murphy (Barking Brains), 2022)

  • Nutrition & Behaviour (Jo-Rosie Haffenden (SOCS), 2022)

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