Woof Pack Promise


We will provide to you the best possible service that we can for your pet. We will do this by:

  • Using positive reinforcement and positive, force-free, fear-free training methods.

  • Providing enrichment; puzzle feeders, brain games and confidence-building exercises to keep your pet interested, engaged and having a good time!

  • Absolutely no aversives are used; no jerking the lead, intimidating body language, shouting at, spray or shock collars, choke chains, 'training' discs, shaking bottles of gravel, squirting dogs with water, dragging with the lead or use of outdated and unscientific training methods.

  • Doing things your way. Your pet is your baby and your wishes about how we take care of them while we are together are of the utmost importance to us. We want to get it right so that you and your pet are both happy with our service.

  • Communicating clearly with you about your pet's needs, giving you feedback and always being contactable when we are looking after your pet(s).

  • Being available outside normal business hours to provide services, because pets don't stop needing to be looked after beyond 5 o'clock!

  • Giving extra time if needed before commencement of your service to start to build a relationship of trust between a nervous pet and ourselves.

  • Ensuring that dogs on group walks are well-matched and that numbers are limited to up to 4 dogs per walk.

  • Recognising that your pet's needs may change over time and being as flexible as possible to adapt and cater for this.

  • Offering services that suit very young pets, older pets or those with medical needs.

  • Being open to any feedback you have about The Woof Pack and any aspect of our services.

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